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Designing the perfect business card is an art. Your perfect business card is stylish, memorable, succinct, and easily read at a glance.

Start your design by nailing down the information you need to present:

The internet kicks serious butt. From websites giving you lessons on any topic, to ones that are your favourite time-wasters, the possibilities of engaging the digital world are endless. But with many websites comes many accounts to use them, and with many accounts comes many passwords. Juggling numerous passwords can be difficult, and can complicate managing numerous accounts. By using the following tips, you can help make your passwords and online experience safer and stress-free.

When technology works, it’s a wonderful thing. Therefore, when we work with technology, we are wonderful, right? That’s why we have the internet in the home and office – heck, even the printer is wirelessly connected to the information super highway now!

You understand the value of imagery in your small business marketing strategy, especially with regards to social media. Choosing just the right images from stock catalogues is a fun task, especially on Friday afternoon, and you look forward to taking a little brain break while indulging in some artistic inspiration. While you’re gearing up to scroll through the search results of “nature background” again, keep vector graphics in mind, too.

With the weight of the company resting on your shoulders small business owners frequently find themselves in a routine of late nights, early mornings, and a constant supply of caffeine coursing through their veins. When you leave the office on a rare free afternoon and squint at the sun wondering what that bright orb in the sky is, or you’d just like to sleep through the night again, it’s time to practice stress management.

Small business owners of the world, we know that you are looking at refreshed annual budget and planning marketing strategies that will light up your sales like a fireworks display on the first of July! You are dreaming of investing in a new machine, adding to your staff, and expanding your sales reach to another province! This year, dreams are gonna come true!

At some point in the long, invigorating life of your business, you’re likely going to have to move to another location. Maybe you’ll grow to a larger facility, maybe you’ll downsize for efficiency, but either way you’re going to have pack and unpack EVERYTHING. Take a look around at your desk right now. Just the thought of packing that alone might have you in a cold sweat. Lucky for you, we’ve done the office moving thing more than once, and we’d like to help out first-time and fifth-time office moving parties.

As an entrepreneur 10 years ago, you sat at a seminar surrounded by your peers to learn how to use social media for marketing purposes. At that point, all any of us business folk really knew about social media was the mere existence of Facebook, Twitter, and My Space, and our disinterest in using it at all. But then some big corporations figured out how to these platforms to talk to customers and drum up some pretty sweet advertising, and of course, we all wanted in. The problem was, no one really knew how to instruct the corporate world on social media marketing savvy because it was all a huge experiment. 

Whether by nature or necessity, to own and manage a small business means that you’re a perfectionist. Things have to get done right, or they don’t get done at all because you can’t afford to go back and make mistakes twice. Your AI assistants have assistants at this point, you’ve got different ring tones for everyone in your family to help you decide if you should answer the phone during a critical moment, and you haven’t taken a vacation in years.

You gotta spend money to make money; we all know this truth. Problem is that when you’re running a small business, money does not grow on trees. As much as you hope that an angel investor will land on your shoulder and help make your dreams come true, it’s not a reasonable expectation. When you’re ready to move from your home office to a leased work space, or you need a new machine, or you have to pay a vendor, it’s so tempting to just reach into your wallet and throw down your personal credit card.

Google Home is a nifty device from the golden age of technology that can be synced with phones and devices, allowing you to - among other things - stream music and control Netflix without using a TV remote. Google Home’s functionality extends to a whole host of verbal commands that can improve your daily routine besides enabling binge sessions for favorite shows on Netflix. Take a look at these Google Home game-changers for your business.

Smart lightbulbs. Lightbulbs with AI. They exist. And yes, your office totally wants needs them!

Okay, so this post seems to veer a little off of our regularly trod tech savvy path, but hear us out: in this day in small business age, when at least half of your team works from home and the other half flip flops between HQ and their home office and spend every other waking moment in meetings off-site, smart light bulbs are a dream come true.

If you own a small business, or just work at one, you’ve got your elevator pitch down pat.

There are lists upon lists of social media rules out there that surely you know by now, like that you need to make a plan, ensure your photos and graphics look pro, and post often. So we compiled a list of lesser-known mistakes instead!

When you make a financial investment you expect to see numerical facts and colourful graphs. Which is why it’s frustrating to sit down with an SEO consultant only to hear that they can’t tell you how many calls you can expect per hour spent on SEO. Perhaps you will walk away from that meeting and go searching online for a better company, one that can promise a high return on investment. Your search will lead you to a ton of ads promising to deliver you first page Google rankings, and all kinds of incoming traffic, with a side of sales galore! Sounds too good to be true? It is.

We talk a lot about how much of the success of a business relies on the quality of the product and services offered. The daily grind quickly becomes about sales, advertising, growth, and evolution. Customer service takes a back seat in comparison, and customers are taking note.

How many screens do you look at on any given workday? Your phone, your computer, your tablet, your e-reader…maybe even multiple monitor screens, your team’s screens, and then some. We put so much trust in the rapid advancement on technology that we think it boosts our productivity.

Previously we talked all about how personalized customer service techniques can endear you to your customers and instill loyalty. It’s a winning strategy, but you can’t make everyone happy. There will always be someone who cannot be appeased, placated, or consoled. Here are some tips on how to be prepared to professionally and personally handle difficult situations.

Change. It’s a word that incites immediate cringing and full body chills. Entrepreneurs are dealt that word on the fly 100 times per week. Try this app, automate this, let’s try this marketing idea, that staff member is leaving, we need more people on the team. If ain’t broke…. Right? But this isn’t true.

Starting a new business is overwhelming. You line up all of your ducks in a row, make sure people want the ducks, but then come to the realization that not enough people know you have ducks available. That’s okay, you still got this! Here are our tips for setting up your advertising strategy when your small business is just starting out.

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