One of the most difficult analysis to grasp in business is your website’s return on investment. You paid thousands of dollars for your website, you’re still paying for service and backups, someone on your staff has to update it with each new promotion or blog post…but is it even doing your business any good? Google Analytics, and other analytical tools built into your website do a great job explaining where your customers are coming from, (both geographically and from which website or search engine), what pages get clicked on, and how long customers stay for an extended visit. And this is all incredibly valuable. Adding a heat map-like measurement into your analytical toolshed, (let’s be real people, we’ve got so many apps we’ve graduated from a toolbox), can show you how customers are interacting with your website.

The heat mapping tool analyzes your website for visitor interaction based on clicks, then presents that information via a series of screen shots in which the clicks are depicted as though they are hot spots. At a glance you can already see where visitors tend to click, and identify whether they’re using your website the way you expected them to. The brighter the spot on the screenshot, the more clicks received there. This is important because it can provide big clues heat mapping website analytics FB 1in learning:

  • How visitors use your website
  • What areas of a page are most inviting
  • What your visitors are looking for
  • What elements of your sales funnel are working
  • What elements of your sales funnel are NOT working, and
  • How useful your website is in ringing up sales
  • Where visitors expect to find live elements on each page

You can’t know what’s going on in the minds of your customers, but by studying their behaviour and how they react to the carefully laid calls to action you’ve laid out for them, you can take some of the guesswork out of minor edits to your website, or an entire redesign. For example, if you’re looking at your landing page you can see where people click most often. Is it where you want them to? Great! If it isn’t, it’s time to play around with different colours, location of clickable features, or the entire layout of your landing page. If a great number of people click on your static logo, maybe it’s worthwhile making that a newsletter sign up pop-up, or a direct link to your bio. This may be an indicator that your website’s menu isn’t easy to locate. Help them out! Perhaps your landing page is subtle, or too salesy. Compare the number of clicks on a live link, such as your newsletter or online store, with the number of sign-ups and purchases you gain. Yes, you can narrow the information down according to date with some of the more detailed reports.

What are you waiting for? Jelly Triangle can provide a thorough wellness check on your website with the help of meat mapping, among other tools, and help you understand your analytics results. Call to book your free consultation at (519) 624-8888 or by contacting us via email.

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