Digital marketing is a loud world. There are a lot of companies that have lots to say about how they can transform your brand, get you clicks, and do it all quickly.

We’re not those guys.

What makes us different is that we listen to every client and every concern. We trust you when you have a recommendation or a direction, and we offer our expertise to find the most innovative message and medium to reach your market, no matter what the job. We also listen to a lot of industry studies, podcasts, webinars, et cetera, and our team knows their stuff. One of our favourite things to do is to apply this knowledge and act as a resource & a sounding board for every small to mid-level business we work with. We’re much more concerned with long-term impact than short term gain. That’s true of our work, and of how we build relationships with every client.

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In fact, listening to feedback from our clients is why we decided, after a year of testing a new name and model for the business, to go back to our old name. You might know us as The Marketing Multi-tool, or formerly (and now again!) as Jelly Triangle. People loved our previous name, and we’re happy to reclaim it now! We take the same approach with every business we work with: listen to the market, integrate the best practices, and innovate like no one else. You’ve got our guarantee on that.

Our award-winning team has decades of combined experience working with a wide range of industries: from gluten-free pasta to small motor engine repair. We’re ready to get to work when you’re ready to connect with your prospects.

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Jelly Triangle...We know it's a weird name

Yes, we know it's weird. So how did we come up with it? And what does it have to do with Graphics, Web Design, or Marketing?

Triangles are Strength

We originally wanted to incorporate a triangle to represent the three powerful values this company is based on:

  • Providing the Best Value for Money
  • Putting the Client's Needs FIRST
  • Supporting Your Business

Triangles have a strong foundation and that's what we're here for: to support your business from the ground up.

So then are we obsessed with jam?

The jelly in Jelly Triangle is probably the weirdest part, but the easiest to explain. We loved the Triangle idea, but we weren't so sure about the sharp corners. We're pretty flexible and able to roll with the punches (metaphorically speaking; don't try to punch one of us when you meet us) so the idea of a softer, rounder triangle started to take shape.

What it all boils down to...

We're building a company that is dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality design work, at the best price we can, to create true value for your business.

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About Jelly Triangle

We're a different kind of community-minded marketing company that is fearless, creative and fun-loving.

We're proving that outstanding marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

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