If you own a small business, or just work at one, you’ve got your elevator pitch down pat.

New person: “Oh, Jelly Triangle eh? What’s that all about?”

You: “We’re a digital marketing and web design company for small businesses.”

New person: “Cool.”

You could leave it at that. You don’t want to seem pushy, and you’ve provided the core information of what your business does in terms that are easy to understand. Mission accomplished!
Elevator Pitch FBExcept that your concise elevator pitch isn’t memorable, enticing, or authoritative, which is what it needs to be in order to gain traction. A successful elevator pitch is a finessed combination of rehearsed content, body language, and psychology.

First, you need to craft your content. What is the goal of your elevator pitch? On the fly, it’s to get someone’s attention, but at its heart the goal of your pitch depends on who you’re speaking to and under what circumstances. Are you at a party? A networking event? A professional conference? Waiting with the other parents to pick your kid up from ballet? Each situation demands a slightly different approach in order to succeed. Create pitches that can be directed 1) to a complete stranger who asks what you do for a living 2) for a peer in your field who understands what you do but doesn’t know your company, and 3) for someone you have already determined is looking for your services but hasn’t got your company on their list of possibilities.

Aim for your elevator pitch to run from between 30 and 60 seconds. You’re not selling anything, you’re merely dangling the treat to see if New Person is hungry. To do this, brainstorm the highlights of your company, your job, and your mandate, then ruthlessly edit in beast mode until you’re left with the core components – or even just main words – that are critical for each pitch. Figure out why each New Person should care about what you have to say, and then write a pitch that caters to that.

Next, perfect your delivery. Think of every tip you’ve ever received on how to give a powerful presentation and adapt them to your elevator pitch. Don’t stand too close to someone, look them in the eyes but don’t stare them down, appear comfortable, and confident. You’re having a conversation, not closing a sale. Keep your hands out of your pockets, but don’t flail. Speak slowly and clearly – you’re allowed to breathe! Be comfortable; you’re just saying hello. Here is a link to a fabulous article on Forbes about body language and leadership.

If you have the opportunity to go first in an introduction, get your new acquaintance to talk about themselves a little in order to figure out which pitch you should lead with. And wait for them to ask you what you do; forcing your pitch on someone is a sure way to get shut down.

Jelly Triangle can help you finesse your digital marketing strategy. Get a fresh look at the highlights of your company and how to shine online. Call for your free consultation at (519) 624 8888.

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