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A picture speaks a thousand words is a saying you’ve heard forever, and now that you’re an entrepreneur you know it to be true now more than ever. You’ve seen the statistics that prove your social media posts with images get more interactions, that marketing materials with images hold more attention, and that even in-store signage with graphics performs better than signs with a single word. The fact that images have such a huge impact on customers is exactly why you have to put a great deal of thought into the graphics and photos that you use in your marketing. The details that you need to consider can be overwhelming, but fear not! We’ve written this guide to help you out.

How many emails do you think you get a day? How many hours a week are you spending on catching up on emails? Studies have shown that we spend up to 4.1 hours a week going through our digital inbox, so it’s no wonder that a lot of the emails you do send out don’t get a response. You can get started on deleting spam-y emails and end up accidentally deleting a message from a real person.

For many, Christmas music is a wonderful thing! It transports them to their childhood, making Christmas cookies with Grandma, or decking the halls with poison ivy. What? To each their own.

Typos are embarrassing and can be devastating on marketing materials. Unfortunately, they happen. Spell-check isn’t fool-proof and it’s human nature to make mistakes. But you shouldn’t have to deal with a mistake every time you produce a piece of writing. Good writers learn from their mistakes and have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to editing their own work.

By: Guest Blogger (Lucy Wyndham)

Consumer behavior has changed drastically over the decades with more customers choosing to conduct their transactions using the internet. The shift to e-commerce and increased online competition has meant that a good website design has become more important than ever. As businesses begin to look at establishing their website design, most businesses will look to outsource it to design agencies or freelancers. Today, freelancers are more popular than ever, helping to businesses with their rebranding and online presence among many other tasks. According to the Rise of Self-employed Economy in Canada study in 2017, 44 percent of the workforce is expected to be freelancers and independent contractors by the year 2020. So, there is no doubt the freelance sector is growing, and rapidly too.


Humans are hard wired to resist change. That’s why it’s so easy to have an abnormal chore on the forefront of your mind but forget and slide into your regular routine. For example, you offer to drive a friend home after the movies, and you wind up heading to your house instead. We are creatures of habit who nurture creature comforts. To provoke change, even good change, is uncomfortable because it alters the routines we’ve worked diligently to automate. Construction on your commute? Disaster! Coffee shop switched beans? The horror! This is why it’s so easy for you and your coworkers to slide into groupthink, jeopardizing the sustainability of your business.

Small businesses

Why Small Businesses Are Crucial to Local Economies

It’s hard to believe that businesses that generate under $7.5 million per annum have such a massive effect on economies. Although the direct financial contribution is significant, it’s the other factors that play a big role in why they need to form part of every government discussion where the economy is concerned. These are some of the ways small businesses are necessary to keep the economy going.

Have you ever been in a meeting where things are going a little too smoothly? There are no objections and no critical feedback. Everyone is just nodding their heads and agreeing with each other. There’s no issues at all, it seems.

Marketing and Advertising are used interchangeably across industries, particularly in small business. It’s not like SMB owners don’t care about one or the other, it’s that they can’t always take the time to care, the job just has to get done. Understanding the inherent differences between Marketing and Advertising will help you fine tune your campaigns, problem solve failures, and understand why it’s impossible to press a button and launch an effective advertising campaign.

Employment-wise, we live in a very different age than we have in years past. Whether you are a retiring baby-boomer looking to supplement a fixed retirement stipend or a millennial seeking to make your mark in the "gig" economy, you might consider starting a business right in the comforting confines of your own garage!

Here are seven great businesses you can start that have small up-front investment costs and could put money in your pocket!

We’re living in the Digital Age. Like it or not, everyone’s online. Everyone’s got an email address, and social media is vital for the mental health of young people, so you need to get your business noticed on the web. But how? You can’t put up posters or billboards, so what can you do? Optimize your website for search engines – SEO the heck out of your online property.

We’ve talked about Filter Bubbles, Fake News, and Echo Chambers, but since it’s been a few weeks here’s a quick recap:

The internet is largely designed to provide you with information you like to see, based on your browsing habits. While fun, this can prevent you from getting the complete picture on any one topic, be that the latest fashions or world news. The information you’re viewing could also be an outright lie. It’s up to you, the individual user, to break free from the cycle.

Now that you’re all caught up on our posts about The Filter Bubble and Fake News, you’ve got enough information to fully appreciate the power of the Echo Chamber.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down as a business owner. You’ve got to stay on top of operations, human resources, and management! According to a study by Carleton University, the average Canadian now spends 17 hours per week just reading and responding to emails. As a business owner, you’re probably spending closer to 20 hours. That means, most entrepreneurs are prone to getting burnt out and stressed out.

You’ve heard it, you’ve hashtagged it, but have you looked it up? The term “fake news” has made headlines worldwide as it became a sort-of catchphrase regarding the last presidential election in the United States. Funny thing is fake news isn’t imaginary, the concept has been around for ages. But what is it, really? Seriously, have you asked a search engine, “What is fake news?” Get into the habit of doing that!

Email marketing is a vital component of any digital marketing campaign. It’s a direct method of communication between your business and your customers; you get a spot in their inbox and share valuable information with them. But too much of anything, even something good, can be harmful. 

You’re pretty internet savvy so you’re aware that when you search for something on Google and see and see a sponsored ad for it on Facebook a few days later that it’s not a coincidence. But are you aware just how much your apps gossip about you? Do you know who is recording the results of that silly quiz you took online? Have you cleared your web browser history…ever?

Have you ever walked into an office and thought, “Whoa – time has stood still here for a long time.” The décor is so outdated that you feel like you’ve gone through a time machine. The emotional impact of entering a place like that is powerful and can leave a lasting negative impression. 

Remember when you first sat down with your shiny new marketing book and spent hours becoming familiar with the vocabulary that would soon make you gobs of money and earn yourself a gold leaf on the family tree? Remember how Return on Investment – ROI for those in the know – became your be-all-end-all marketing guide? It was all very straightforward; send out a direct-mail campaign, reap rewards, record where those rewards were reaped. Purchase a radio ad campaign, reap rewards, and record where those rewards were reaped. And so on and so forth with TV, billboards, newspapers, and more.

Developing your marketing strategy can be stressful. With terms like “quarters” and “market” and “gross” floating in your mind it’s easy to get bogged down with the bottom line. As you may know by now, Jelly Triangle doesn’t focus business on money alone. Success in business is a collective of sorts, even if you’re a freelancer working from home. You’ll work happier and healthier if you look at your marketing strategy from a number of angles, too. Here are some of our top tips on designing a market strategy that will help remember why you love your job!

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