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We’ve talked about Filter Bubbles, Fake News, and Echo Chambers, but since it’s been a few weeks here’s a quick recap:

The internet is largely designed to provide you with information you like to see, based on your browsing habits. While fun, this can prevent you from getting the complete picture on any one topic, be that the latest fashions or world news. The information you’re viewing could also be an outright lie. It’s up to you, the individual user, to break free from the cycle.

Now that you’re all caught up on our posts about The Filter Bubble and Fake News, you’ve got enough information to fully appreciate the power of the Echo Chamber.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and bogged down as a business owner. You’ve got to stay on top of operations, human resources, and management! According to a study by Carleton University, the average Canadian now spends 17 hours per week just reading and responding to emails. As a business owner, you’re probably spending closer to 20 hours. That means, most entrepreneurs are prone to getting burnt out and stressed out.

You’ve heard it, you’ve hashtagged it, but have you looked it up? The term “fake news” has made headlines worldwide as it became a sort-of catchphrase regarding the last presidential election in the United States. Funny thing is fake news isn’t imaginary, the concept has been around for ages. But what is it, really? Seriously, have you asked a search engine, “What is fake news?” Get into the habit of doing that!

Email marketing is a vital component of any digital marketing campaign. It’s a direct method of communication between your business and your customers; you get a spot in their inbox and share valuable information with them. But too much of anything, even something good, can be harmful. 

You’re pretty internet savvy so you’re aware that when you search for something on Google and see and see a sponsored ad for it on Facebook a few days later that it’s not a coincidence. But are you aware just how much your apps gossip about you? Do you know who is recording the results of that silly quiz you took online? Have you cleared your web browser history…ever?

Have you ever walked into an office and thought, “Whoa – time has stood still here for a long time.” The décor is so outdated that you feel like you’ve gone through a time machine. The emotional impact of entering a place like that is powerful and can leave a lasting negative impression. 

Remember when you first sat down with your shiny new marketing book and spent hours becoming familiar with the vocabulary that would soon make you gobs of money and earn yourself a gold leaf on the family tree? Remember how Return on Investment – ROI for those in the know – became your be-all-end-all marketing guide? It was all very straightforward; send out a direct-mail campaign, reap rewards, record where those rewards were reaped. Purchase a radio ad campaign, reap rewards, and record where those rewards were reaped. And so on and so forth with TV, billboards, newspapers, and more.

Developing your marketing strategy can be stressful. With terms like “quarters” and “market” and “gross” floating in your mind it’s easy to get bogged down with the bottom line. As you may know by now, Jelly Triangle doesn’t focus business on money alone. Success in business is a collective of sorts, even if you’re a freelancer working from home. You’ll work happier and healthier if you look at your marketing strategy from a number of angles, too. Here are some of our top tips on designing a market strategy that will help remember why you love your job!

The motto at Jelly Triangle is: we’re not those guys; we’re a different kind of marketing company. We believe outstanding marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Part of how that plays out for our clients is our honesty and transparency. We only employ white-hat strategies and we explain how those strategies work. We believe it’s the right way to do business.

That’s why it’s frustrating for us to hear horror stories from our new clients. They tell us that they’re hesitant to get involved with a marketing company again because they’ve been hurt by others in the industry. And lately, Yodle has been coming up a lot.

Let’s talk a little bit about that practically-alive internet sensation, Google. Both a noun and a verb, this dynamic online force can do a lot to help boost your business in, well, Google. And that’s what you want!

So you want to write content, eh? Lucky for you, we believe you can do it!

Content writing for your website (or marketing collateral) isn’t easy – we won’t lie to you. But it’s a challenge that can be successfully tackled by dedicated individuals. It’s a bit like getting into shape: you’ll need to plan smart from the get-go, commit yourself to the darn thing and then, do it. Alright, let’s not waste any time and get started.

Jelly Triangle is a big fan of automation; its cool beans. Since we’re more than a little afeard of an AI takeover, we rely on automation to help us connect with other humans rather than run our business. We’ve harnessed the power of apps (a.k.s. computer programs) to help us communicate as a group when our team is working remotely, to answer questions the moment someone surfing on our website has one, to queue customer complaints, and so on and so forth.

You did it. You’ve finally met someone… Someone interested in your product (or service), we mean. We shouldn’t even joke about it. Landing a sales lead is a big deal and shouldn’t be thought of lightly. Part of what makes a business successful are the quantity and quality of its sales leads. The first part – the quantity of leads – is more straightforward. Businesses looking to increase the number of sales leads can employ a number of techniques, like cold-calling and attending more networking events. Impacting the other half of that, though – the quality of sales leads – requires more careful finessing.

There are a lot of pros to Facebook ads. They’re highly visible, targeted, and suited for every advertising budget – even yours. Yet a lot of small businesses, like yours, haven’t taken a chance on them yet. If you pay for direct mail campaigns and use radio ads but haven’t jumped on Facebook ads, this blog post’s for you!

Knock. Knock.

Who’s there?

Interruptive Marketing.

Interruptive Marketi— PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

If you’re reading this you’ve at the very least thought about rebranding your business. And your thought process probably went a lot like this:

Week 1: ‘I should rebrand the company. As it is, the brand doesn’t reflect the experience.’

Is that your final answer? Life doesn’t adhere to the rules of television game shows, so you shouldn’t expect your customers to either. Some people will want to browse your website and make a decision later. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to establish a connection with them.

If you feel social media for business is terrifying, we have great news for you: Social media advertising is rather traditional. You devise a marketing campaign, release it upon the world, and analyze ROI. Sounds great, right? Well, it is! Let’s explore how social media advertising works, and how to make it work for you.

A website isn’t all that useful if no one can remember what it’s called. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 tips for choosing an impactful domain name. You can always employ SEO and marketing strategies to direct customers to your website, but a domain that works from the start means you’ll have an edge over your competitors.

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