Developing your marketing strategy can be stressful. With terms like “quarters” and “market” and “gross” floating in your mind it’s easy to get bogged down with the bottom line. As you may know by now, Jelly Triangle doesn’t focus business on money alone. Success in business is a collective of sorts, even if you’re a freelancer working from home. You’ll work happier and healthier if you look at your marketing strategy from a number of angles, too. Here are some of our top tips on designing a market strategy that will help remember why you love your job!

You may be tempted to start with the amount of moolah you want to rake in during the fiscal year. That’s an unrealistic place to start because you’re putting an undue amount of pressure on yourself and your team without evaluating your capabilities as a team. Instead, look at how much work you can take on. Now that you know how much you can take on, you can responsibly project a yearly goal. Excellent. Now what?

  1. What are you even doing? Get to the heart of your business – and the veins, and the bones, muscles, etc. – before you do anything else. Now compare that to previous marketing campaigns. Have you been advertising your business and your services or products accurately? What kind of feedback have you received? What was the ROI on those previous campaigns? Carry forward with what worked, and keep an eye on what didn’t so that you can improve this time around. If you look solely at previous campaigns instead of the company as a hole you’re likely to miss a quality you haven’t focused previous campaigns on.

  2.  Identify your audience – duh – and where they’re consuming information. Are your customers Boomers? They’re on Facebook. Are you customers Millennials? They’re also on Facebook but more thoroughly enjoy Instagram. Are your customers people? Chances are excellent they’re using social media to some capacity. That doesn’t mean you ignore traditional marketing means, but it does mean that if you haven’t embraced social media for business, it’s time.

  3. Know what you don’t want. Of course you know what you want; repeat customers and money! Knowing what you don’t want, or who you don’t want to attract, is equally important. Your marketing budget is limited, but so is your time to devise a strategy. Pour your resources into marketing to the customers you want who will interact with your business in a way that’s favourable to your ultimate goals. For example if you’re core clients are small businesses, renting a billboard in Yonge and Dundas Square might bring the wrong clients your way.

  4. Be bold. But at the same time, if you word it correctly, that billboard in Yonge and Dundas Square might be exactly where your clients are looking! There’s a lot of small business in Toronto, and even more tourists who wander through there daily. We cannot stress enough how vital to the future of your company it is to step outside of your comfort zone. Especially with social media marketing, it’s easier and more affordable than ever to take chances with your marketing strategy. So design a rockin’ Facebook ad campaign, start up a new loyalty program, look into renting that billboard.

Feeling overwhelmed by the idea of marketing strategy, want to know what’s new and innovative, or just want a fresh take on your advertising? Call Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels at 519-624-888 and book a consultation!

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