We talk a lot about the benefits of social media for business. You get your brand out there and insinuate yourself as part of your customers’ regular routines. To become a welcome part of your customers’ daily routines we recommend that you post a variety of content that not only reinforces your company’s mandate, but also entertains and informs. What effect does social media really play in the daily routine of the average person?

Quite a bit, and that influence stretches far beyond your latest promotion. People check their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts morning, noon, night, and every minute in between. Phones sound the alarm regularly to alert players that it’s their turn in a game, or when a friend has tagged them in a photo.
The Verge is one of many voices to recently delve into the ongoing conversation that social media is doing more harm than good, citing recent events that question the role social media may have played, as well as quotes from former Facebook employees about their personal opinions. As an online marketer or just a general social media user, you’ve also got to SM for buscontend with people who comment just for the sake of insulting or harassing someone else. People who behave in this manner are often given nicknamed a troll. “Don’t feed the trolls!” is the general response, meaning the best way to deal with a troll is to ignore them. However, as a business, you’ve likely also heard it’s best practice not to let negative commentary on your social media posts go unattended. In the end, trolls are often fed no matter what.

It’s true that there is a lot of obsession, misinformation and misinterpretation perpetuated through social media, Jelly Triangle’s Internet Awareness Series goes into detail on a variety of ways online users need to be aware of the way they learn online.

Is the solution to immoral use of social media to throw out your marketing plan and stick to e-newsletters? We don’t think so. Use social media for good. Don’t feed the trolls, meaning don’t argue with them, but don’t allow them to harass you or anyone else on your posts. You have the power to Block and Delete. You also have the power to educate, which is a key point of social media marketing that Jelly Triangle emphasizes. Be sure that all of the content you post online – either personally or professionally – is true, and respectful. Be open to discussion and constructive criticism but draw the line at abuse and harassment. Direct unhappy customers who post online to contact your business and sort things out personally.

Comment on industry news and provide your informative, authoritative opinion to provide your customers who aren’t in your field quality information designed to help them form independent, educated opinions.

Social media isn’t going anywhere if anything it’s getting bigger, louder, and easier for users to curate exactly what they want to see. If you drop out of social media altogether you’re handing that promotional tool directly to your competition. Do you need some help getting attention online and making your social media posts attractive to customers? Jelly Triangle can help! Call us at 519-624-8888 to book a commitment-free consultation.

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