Have you ever walked into an office and thought, “Whoa – time has stood still here for a long time.” The décor is so outdated that you feel like you’ve gone through a time machine. The emotional impact of entering a place like that is powerful and can leave a lasting negative impression. 

The same thing can happen with a brand. Times change so it’s important that brands do too. By keeping up with trends in graphic design and marketing, you can protect your business from becoming stale. It can take a bit of elbow grease but it’s well worth it. Major brands like Pepsi and Coke-Cola wouldn’t invest their time and money in rebranding efforts if it was simply a matter of appearance. A contemporary look and feel is inviting and gives the impression of a successful business.

RebrandIn January, we decided to rebrand ourselves and change our name from The Marketing Multitool to Jelly Triangle. Since then, we’ve seen more brand recognition and a refreshed look that has sparked more conversation with new and prospective clients.

This is what we’ve learned in the process. 

1. Get clear on the core of your brand.

What is that you do? If your business offers multiple services, what is your expertise? Take some time to figure out what you provide for your customers and find your niche market. Your rebranding efforts should be focused around these two ideas.

2. Find your people.

When you’re considering your niche market, don’t focus on generating leads. That will come naturally if you think about the community you want to join instead. Who is interested in your service or industry? Why? Establish a genuine connection with those people. You can encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter and engage with them on social media. A conversation that is maintained between your business and your market will build trust. In turn, you’ll see more organic leads and your brand will be protected from becoming associated with spam marketing.

3. Be social.

When you’ve settled on a new look or feel, showcase your brand on social media. This is the perfect place to brag a little because you can also engage with customers. Think less selfie, more look what we did. When you post videos of your staff at conferences or networking events, you can begin to build your new reputation as a leader in the industry.

4. Use engaging content.

Part of your rebranding efforts should also be focused on capitalizing the new technology that’s available. Do a little research on what kind of content is trending and pick a method that makes sense for your brand. For example, short videos (30 seconds to 2.5 minutes) are very popular right now. So why not create one for your business? Your rebranding efforts will be more powerful if you’re communicating in the right channels.

5. Be active in your community.

Whether you’re going to an event, speaking at the event, or holding an event of your own, become an active member of your community. People want to experience new things first hand, so make sure you give them the opportunity to get to know the new you.

6. Share your expertise.

Set yourself apart from the competition and share what you know. It’ll not only make you look generous but will also subtly establish your expertise. Not sure where to get started? Connect with your local Chamber of Commerce and inquire about speaking at a networking event.

7. Give back.

Get involved in local charities, sponsor a sports team, or try offering your services to a community event. The idea is to become more than just a business; your brand should become an integral part of a community. This will take time but what better way to show your commitment to a community than to actually show up and be a part of that community’s efforts.

Rebranding can be a long process but, if done right, it can allow your brand to move in a new direction and establish genuine relationships with a community of interested people. In turn, you can build long-term brand loyalty and see more leads converted into actual sales.

If you’d like a hand, our marketing experts have helped both big and small businesses revamp their brand with great success. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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