A blog is a collection of articles written from the personal perspective by a person or team of people about literally anything. Each post is written conversationally and provides commentary from the author on a topic relating to the blog theme. If you’re a marketing company whose focus is small business like Jelly Triangle, you would write blog posts designed to inform clients about current industry practices and standards as well as provide tips to help them succeed in business. Blog posts can be intellectual, personal, funny, serious, educational, entertaining – anything goes! The voice of the blog can be consistent, or it can change with different authors, and it can evolve as metrics provide feedback on what readers appreciate and what they skip over. All those things you wish clients and customers knew about your business? That goes in your blog.

Blogging is one of the most misunderstood and underused marketing tools by businesses of all sizes across all industries. When we bring up blogging as part of a complete marketing package the common reactions we get are:

“No one wants to hear my thoughts!”

“How is a blog going to bring in sales?”

“I don’t have time for that!”

Your marketing strategy will be bolstered by a blog for 2 big reasons:

Reason for a business blog #2: GOOGLE LIKES BLOGS! We cannot stress enough how much blogging can help your business become more visible in online searches. Do you know Why Blogginghow to get your business on the first page of every search? Each search engine has its own criteria for first-page search results, all you can do is play by the rules and hope for the best. Google in particular favours websites that have regularly updated unique content. Kind of hard to produce unique content if you sell the same products and services day in and day out, right? A blog fills that hole in your marketing strategy! And key words are still a thing. Your blog is full of them! How better to show up in online searches than by answering FAQs right in your blog?

Reason for a business blog #2: Your customers are looking for reasons to trust you, and a blog demonstrating your knowledge of the industry provides them with that reassurance. You are an authority in your field and your blog is the perfect place to prove it. Give current customers reason to recommend you and to think of you when they need a product or service that might not immediately come to mind. For example, does blogging immediately come to mind when you think of a marketing company? Maybe not. Good thing we wrote this blog post!
We’ve come to our final point, and the one you’re totally right about: you don’t have time to blog. By all means, give it a shot – according to our writers, blogging is fun! Aim for 1 blog post a month that is at least 300 words long. Choose a topic with a narrow focus, something that is interesting from a marketable standpoint but isn’t straight-out advertising. No one wants to read 300 words about your latest sale. Don’t be afraid to hire your blogging out. Professional bloggers can ghostwrite content that will seamlessly fit your brand and your voice. In exchange, you save time while still remaining competitive in your industry.

Jelly Triangle offers blogging services from our accomplished team of professional writers. Contact us for a commitment free conversation to find out how we can make your marketing strategy shine by calling 519-624-8888.

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