Hello 2018!

It’s a new year and a time for fresh beginnings. So let’s get started with refreshing your business for another awesome 12 months!

According to a recent study conducted by The IBM Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce's WorkHuman® Research Institute, a positive work culture can have a huge impact on productivity. Think about it this way: happy workers more better performance which means more growth and success!

So, what’s the secret?

The study looked at 23,000 employees across 45 countries and found that the happiness workplaces had these 5 factors in common.

One: There was a sense of belonging.

When you feel part like a part of the team, you are more motivated to bring your A-game more consistently. You know that what you do matters because others are relying on you to get your part of the project completed. Each member gets a sense of purpose and feels like they’re contributing to the Big Picture. From that, they also gain a sense of worth and respect.

How can you keep the feeling alive? Plan some team building activities for 2018. It doesn’t have to be every week – once a month or so is ideal. The idea is to get your team together to do something fun as a group. Working together well is important but it’s the interpersonal connections that keep the workplace a happy place. Go out to dinner, go bowling, or just take a walk together to a nearby coffee shop. Bonus points if you can get pictures and share on social media! JT Blog happy workplace

Two: There was a vision.

Remember that Big Picture we mentioned? Well, are you sure everyone knows about it? Individual projects make up an employee’s daily routine, but knowing how their work contributes to the business’s overall vision gives their work meaning. When we know why and just how our work is significant to the organization, we’re more inclined to put our best foot forward.

So, this month, get everyone together to talk about the overall vision for the company. Don’t be too vague – get specific about targets and long-term goals. Show everyone what they’re working towards! And if you can, discuss some of the core business values. Ask people how they think the values relate to the vision and their work day. Make sure everyone is on the same page and, if they’re not, help them to get there!

Three: There was success.

Recognizing the achievements that have been made is key! When you share your ideas for the business, be sure to take some time to point out the progress you made last year. Was there a salesperson that exceeded their target? Did someone provide exceptional customer service? The little things, in this case, matter! If you’re in a management role, you need to provide positive feedback regularly. Encouragement and support goes a long way in developing team spirit and motivation.

Four: There was laughter.

No one wants to go to work if their workplace is dreary and drab. We’d all love to work at Google’s headquarters, and we know that isn’t realistic for everyone’s budgets, but try sprucing the place up a bit for the new year. Add some colour, get a radio, or upgrade your coffee machine. It feels good when you go to work knowing there something will put a smile on your face.

Our special something is laughter. We work hard but we also get to know each other and share a few laughs throughout the day. It helps us to appreciate our colleagues and enjoy the time we spend together.

Five: There was energy.

Try to keep things upbeat and, dare we say, peppy. An environment that feels slow and sluggish will rub off on staff. They too will start feeling tired and drained – even when they’ve just walked in! You can avoid this pitfall with simple fixes. Like, try to have coffee and/or snacks available all the time. People know when they’re slowing down so if they can help themselves to whatever kind of boost they need, they’ll be better for it. Or try what we do: walking and stretching. We’re big supporters of exercise and mindful well-being so we get up often to stretch our legs and get our creative juices flowing. We even go on walks to get coffee sometimes, just for the heck of it! (Two bird with one stone!)

Let’s Be Happy, Together

As a growing business, Jelly Triangle is able to do what it does because we’ve a small tight knit team of marketing experts that love their job! When it comes to big projects and important clients (which, by the way, are all of them!), we get together and help each other out. Collaboration and community – that’s what keeps us going. Plus, our fantastic coffee machine (all praise Lord Coffee!).

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