Smart lightbulbs. Lightbulbs with AI. They exist. And yes, your office totally wants needs them!

Okay, so this post seems to veer a little off of our regularly trod tech savvy path, but hear us out: in this day in small business age, when at least half of your team works from home and the other half flip flops between HQ and their home office and spend every other waking moment in meetings off-site, smart light bulbs are a dream come true.

Here are a few things these impressive feats of technology can offer your revolving work environment:

Turn on the lights:

Okay, so…duh. Of course, they can, and they can be turned on and off with an app. Forgot to turn the lights off? Went out of the office and intended to come back but you’re going home now? Just use your phone to turn the lights out, and carry on. You can also set mood lighting if your office is super fun or you’re setting up for a presentation. Do you or one of your employees get headaches from artificial light? Or maybe the weather is causing that dull throb at the Smart Light Bulbs FBtop of your head. You can alter specific lightbulbs to tone it down to whatever light level is comfortable on a bulb-by-bulb basis.

Sync with your favourite AI assistant:

Especially Google Home or Alexa, many smart lightbulbs integrate with the system you already have installed. Voice commands are a wonderful thing! Don’t worry, old reliable bluetooth is also a common connector.

Change colour:

Paint the walls white and execute your interior decorating plans with your lights instead. Easy to change up for birthdays, holidays, or every day. The ambiance of your work environment really does factor into employee production and loyalty, so this is as valuable as it is fun.

Monitor energy use:

Because of course they can! Decide how bright you want your lights and how to time your usage just right based on the readings provided by the app.
Act as a security camera, with 2-way intercom: Talk about having it all! Install in the office or to keep watch outside, and be alerted on your phone when the system is motion activated. Use the intercom to scare intruders away, or to direct the delivery person to the proper door.

Sync with music, movies, and games:

Maybe a little more difficult to justify in the workplace than the colour changing part, but some smart lightbulbs can sync with select media that you’re playing to provide additional ambiance. Fun during break, or brainstorming activities. Could be an impressive move during a presentation if you play your music right!

As with any investment in technology, read specs carefully to ensure that you’re purchasing a system that will work with the one/s you already have in your office, or on your wish list. Some brands to check out include Sengled (these are what we use at Jelly Triangle), Philips HUE, Illume, and Lumenari, just to name a few.

Jelly Triangle is here to help you achieve a brighter presence online! Talk to our digital marketing masters to find out what a little TLC can do for your website and social media marketing. Call to book your commitment-free consultation at (519) 624 8888.

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