Change. It’s a word that incites immediate cringing and full body chills. Entrepreneurs are dealt that word on the fly 100 times per week. Try this app, automate this, let’s try this marketing idea, that staff member is leaving, we need more people on the team. If ain’t broke…. Right? But this isn’t true.

Look at any brand that has lasted more than 10 years and you’ll discover that they embrace change. That’s present tense “embrace”, not a one-time thing. Look even further back to big-time brands that have been around 30 years, 50 years, and even longer, and the reason they remain in business is because they work to remain relevant. Where would telecommunications companies be if they resisted mobile phones and the internet? Where would children’s toy makers be if they didn’t embrace licensing? Where would the food industry be if they didn’t embrace changes to health and safety codes? They certainly wouldn’t be the industry leaders we all examine.

Change is a disrupter, and humans are hardwired to resist, but that doesn’t make change impossible, or unlikable. It takes practice, and ambition. You run a small business, clearly you have ambition. Make time to evaluate the change Ready for Change FBthat is presented. Whether it’s a staff change that you have no control over, or integrating a new step into your regular process, stop and think. Make a list of pros and cons. Ask yourself why you’re resistant to this change. Work up a worst-case-scenario. Work up a best-case-scenario.

Here are some points to seriously consider:

  • Will this change make the job more efficient? If you can streamline your processes and free up your time, and that of your team, you’re better able to take on more work in a reliable manner. Apps that reduce redundancy, automate communication or order processing, or reduce the time spent dealing with email are worth their weight in vacation days. Pick a day and calculate how much time you really spend on email and you’ll see what we mean.
  • Will this change make us more appealing to clients? Ours is an impatient, busy society. What if the changes you’re considering will allow clients to set themselves up with an appointment, a wholesale account, a custom shipping request, or more? While excellent customer service is widely touted, self-serve capability is treasured. Make it easier for your clients to access your products and services than they can the competition. If you can’t be a leader, at least don’t get left behind!
  • Will this change bring in more revenue? The bottom line is always your bottom line. You may have to give your change several months trial to decide whether it’s worth hanging on to, and that’s fair. It might not work out and you have to end the trial. Also fair. But coasting is fatal to business.

A change that gets overlooked sometimes comes from examining your processes, products, and services and realizing that some of what you do every day, or offer to clients, isn’t enhancing your business. As much as you should embrace changes brought on by advancements, also be sure you aren’t doing something just because you always have.

Lead by example. Change isn’t easy on anyone, even when it’s something good. Encourage your team and your clients to embrace changes as much as you are. Provide proper training, evaluate how the change is working out for your entire operation, and leave yourself open to conversation.

Jelly Triangle can help bring big changes to your website. Once complete, your website is truly yours and includes comprehensive training to allow you and your staff to make changes and updates whenever you need to. Book your free consultation by calling 519-624-8888.


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