Launching your online store is such a thrill! Everything you’ve been working towards for months, possibly years, is paying off – and soon will pay you back, directly. You’ve poured over financials, studied your field, conducted some solid noise on social media, and…wait. You did do all of that, right? Read on about some of the most common e-commerce mistakes that business owners make so that you don’t have to.

Mistake #1:

Setting up shop without marketing. Just because it’s easier for customers to visit your online store than a brick-and-mortar shop, doesn’t mean they’ll find it. Doesn’t matter if you’re part of a digital marketplace like Etsy or Amazon or going solo with your own website, you’ve got to inspire a fandom. Before your shop launches you need to have a social media campaign to build followers and tout your products or services. Build the hype before the launch! Your website can Launching Online Store FBgo live before the shop, or you can put up a temporary landing page or blog while you wait. The key to success is to gather followers and/or newsletter sign-ups so that you’ve got (social) media to alert when you officially open (because alerting traditional media is only one step of many). THEN you’ve got to keep momentum going. Plan a long-term marketing strategy that runs pre-launch and onwards by at least a few months.

Mistake #2:

Neglecting your recon duties. In order to remain relevant, you’ve got to find out what your competitors are doing, and what kind of engagement, products, and services customers in your niche actively like. Your job is to stand out, support your customers, and make their shopping experience smooth. If your online shop is antiquated from the start, whether that’s in technical processes or shipping costs, you’ll have to play catch-up which may cost you money, time, and customers. Conduct online research, network, and educate yourself on best practices. The Waterloo Region Small Business Centre is an excellent resource.

Mistake #3:

Relying on quick-fixes. Running a sale, lowering prices to beat competitors, dominating the field with 100 products may provide initial financial gain, but at what cost? Take the time necessary to provide financially sound offers that are long-term sustainable and manageable in-house for you and your team. A sale still has to turn a profit, lowered prices still have to pay your insurance costs and staff salaries, and if there’s a repeated mistake in your 100 products it’s going to take time and money to edit all those individual listings.

Jelly Triangle is here to help you with all of your online shop needs from build to marketing and beyond! Whether you need something shiny and new or your current shop needs some tweaking, call us at 519-624-8888 to find out how we can help.

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