We’ve all been there: you experience a piece of exquisite marketing and think, “I can do something like that.” You do a little research, mention it to the staff, and put a plan in place. And it works! Which is a beautiful thing! So you keep your eyes peeled for inspiration regularly. Excellent.

The next time you see a marketing strategy you want to try? Don’t just flatter with imitation: do better.

How are you going to do that without the roadmap of perfected marketing campaigns? Set loftier goals. Dedicate more staff power to the campaign. Increase your budget. Experiment!

Go wild!

Yes, you have to start somewhere, and humans are creatures of comfort which is why trying what’s already been done sounds like a solid place to start. But by the time you see that marketing experiments that work FBinnovative marketing strategy in use, it’s old hat.

No one knows your customers as well as you do, you’re well qualified to do something unexpected. And if you’re going spend the time invigorating your marketing presence, go bigger right out of the gate to make the biggest gains. Here are a couple of examples.

Expanding your social media platforms. You’ve got a Facebook page, and an Instagram account, but you see that the competition has Twitter and seems to be attracting a lot of attention. Rather than adding a Twitter account to your repertoire and calling it a job well done, add a Twitter account, Snapchat, and a YouTube channel. If that’s too much, don’t add Twitter at all, but find out what the current exciting platform is for your ideal customer right now and focus on that, like YouTube or Snapchat. Still too much? Add a second profile on a platform you’re already plugged into for one of your product lines, or an account for an interesting staff member, like the intern, the boss, or the office dog. The tried and true trick to successful social media marketing is to evolve, engage, and experiement, but beware the consequences if you can’t dedicate the time to maintaining an active social media presence.

Harnessing FOMO, a.k.a. Fear Of Missing Out, can cause quite a sensation, translating into excellent sales. The downside to flash and holiday promotions is the drop off of sales immediately after. Your customers are stocked up, they’ll see you again same time next year! To upscale this strategy build a contact funnel that will continue to bring in sales after the rush. This could be as simple as including a newsletter signup as part of your FOMO campaign, or as complex as a subscription box. Whatever you do, ensure that your customers can’t wait another year or for another sale to spend their money with you. Be creative and ensure that while the payoff is worthy of your customer’s time or monetary investment, that it’s worthy of yours, too.

Feeling inspired to try something new, but aren’t quite sure where to grow from here? Book a consultation with Jelly Triangle for customized tips on how to take your digital marketing campaigns to the next level without breaking your bottom line. Email or call us today at (519) 624-8888.


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