There are lists upon lists of social media rules out there that surely you know by now, like that you need to make a plan, ensure your photos and graphics look pro, and post often. So we compiled a list of lesser-known mistakes instead!

Mistake #1: Underestimating the power of social media.

If you own a business, you need social media. Pledge right now to stop making up excuses. You’re not too much of a tech failure to learn, your ideal audience really does use it, it will help you be more visible in online searches, you can make time for it, and there is room in the budget to roll out a plan. Give yourself 1 year to test the power of social media and go all-out. Get used to asking customers how they heard about you. Take courses and watch videos about how to understand analytics so that you can watch your progress and make adjustments. Even when no one likes or comments on your posts, it’s working. Experiment, have fun, and connect with your customer community personally.

Mistake #2: Assigning your intern as Master of your Social Media.

Social Media Mistakes FBYeah, so that 19-year-old co-op student you just hired for 4 months? They may know way more about social media marketing than you, but it is irresponsible to put them in charge. Why? Because the intern’s time with you is short-term, and their attention is divided. They are in your office to learn everything they can about the business world, and you need someone helming your social media who is invested long-term in the success of your business. Put your intern on the social media marketing team and learn from them. But they won’t be there to teach the next intern what to do, which means you’ll be starting fresh every term.

Mistake #3: Posting the same things across all of your platforms.

No social media platform is the same, so why you are trying to make content designed for Twitter work on Facebook? None of the platforms format content the same, and – most importantly – the people viewing your content use them differently. Twitter users expect short content often, Facebook users are in for something more complex, Instagram followers want impactful images, and YouTubers are ready and waiting for quality video content. There are many more nuances, but the point here is that you need to create and curate content specific to the platform or else followers won’t engage.

Mistake #4: Failing to socialize.

You can absolutely post on social media and leave the chit chat to your fans and followers, but you will get a richer experience if you get in on those conversations. Consumers are looking for reasons to give you their loyalty, win them over by providing a real-person, authentic social media engagement experience.

There is so much more to social media for business than we could ever fit in an entire blog let alone a post or 2. Call Jelly Triangle at (519) 624 8888 to find out how you can customize a social media marketing strategy to strengthen your company’s online presence and strengthen your customer bond.

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