If you’re in business, any kind and any size, you’ve got your data backed up.


Sure you do! Because you pay for the service, or you bought the hardware – or an operating system – and it’s a part of your processes. 

When was the last time you verified that your backups are backing up your data? ALL of your data? If you’ve made any changes to your processes, introduced new software to your business, or haven’t verified that your backups are working in the last 6 months, take a look to be sure everything is in working order.

What you’re looking for depends on what your backup system is.

Blue screen of death FBUSB Drive:

Although they tend to remain in good working condition for years, the top problem with USB sticks is location – do you know where yours are? Are they labelled properly? Do they still work?

External Drive:

The higher-powered alternative to USB drives is easy to find and leave lots of room for your data. Hardware failure is always a possibility, so ensure that the drive still works, and that your files remain viable.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS):

The external drive’s much more powerful sibling may also fall victim to hardware failure, and any systems that rely on humans to complete a procedure can experience error. Make sure your NAS is working exactly like you told it to.

Operating System Backups:

Your operating system likely includes a backup program. The most popular are Time Machine for Macs, and Backup and Restore for PCs. Both need to be activated! And ensure that your settings survived sudden restarts and updates.

Cloud or Online Backups:

An excellent, affordable, and efficient solution for businesses of all sizes. Examples include e.g. Google Drive, Drop Box, Datto, icloud, and OneDrive. Be sure that all of the files you want backed up are synced, synced to your desired schedule, and that the files are accessible.


Do you still have these, and do they contain information that your company may be legally obligated to provide if a contract goes to litigation? Make sure they work, and are properly labelled. And move the information to a present-day backup as soon as possible!

Paper Files:

Try as we might to go paperless, everyone has paper files somewhere. Scan and save a digital copy in case of damage like water, fire, or even faded ink.

While you’re on the hunt for stable backups, be sure you haven’t forgotten to backup:

  • Contacts on your phone, and in your email.
  • Photos, because you never know when they’ll come in handy for your marketing campaign.
  • Warranties, particularly ones that cover more than one year.
  • Your latest draft. Crafting an email, blog post, cover letter, or contract? If you’re going to walk away from your computer for any length of time, save a copy to your backup, or even
  • just email it to yourself. The blue screen of death can strike without warning!
  • Your website. Obviously, we feel particularly passionate about your website backups. They are critical to data recovery whether your website host goes down, or you become a victim of online crime. With reliable cloud-based backups, your website can be back online in hours instead of the alternative: starting from scratch and waiting for months! Jelly Triangle can help.

Not sure that your website is protected, or maybe you’d like to sleep better at night? Contact Jelly Triangle for some Website TLC (https://jellytriangle.com/index.php/our-services/website-tlc)! Call to book your appointment at 519-624-8888.




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