You understand the value of imagery in your small business marketing strategy, especially with regards to social media. Choosing just the right images from stock catalogues is a fun task, especially on Friday afternoon, and you look forward to taking a little brain break while indulging in some artistic inspiration. While you’re gearing up to scroll through the search results of “nature background” again, keep vector graphics in mind, too.

What is a vector graphic and why should I care? Pictures have worked for me just fine.

We still love photos, too, but hear us out. Vector graphics are illustrations created using mathematical precision.

Generally they have less detail than fine art and pencil-to-paper drawings because they are rather two-dimensional on purpose. The beauty of vector graphics is due to this simplicity and honour-roll-level attention to math. Since artistic detail is relatively low (compared to fine art), vector graphics are faster to load on a website page. A smaller file with high wow-factor. Vector graphics can take full advantage of every colour palette, span the range of impression from Photos vs Vectors FBjust-the-facts-ma’am through aw-look-at-the-puppy and are highly customizable. And on that note, you may be especially impressed to learn that vector graphics scale exceptionally well, meaning you can easily use the same design on your website, your trade show signs, and your business card without risk of pixilation.

Photographs are still relevant, of course, but it can be easier to contract a customized vector graphic than to set-up a professional photo shoot. That being said, your online followers tend to favour personal photoshoots and candid shots taken by you and your staff over generic stock photos, so choose appropriately for the subject matter. Photos are much larger files than vector graphics, but they do capture an enormous amount of depth and detail. Much more frustrating to scale if you want to use them on anything other than your website.

Whether you’re considering photos or vector graphics, always follow the same rules:

1. Choose high-quality files.

If you lost your original headshot file and have to download it from your Facebook page to use on your website, just don’t. Get another headshot done. Hire graphic artists or photographers to create your content, or purchase quality originals from reputable stock image websites.

2. Stay on brand.

Your customers expect to hear a specific voice when you post social media content or send a newsletter, and they expect that voice to be represented in your imagery. That doesn’t mean you can’t broaden your image base, just do it slowly and consult a marketing strategist for tips on doing it seamlessly.

3. Give the image a job.

Don’t choose a photo or graphic because it looks good, choose it because it will support the message it’s accompanying.

Need help navigating the world of marketing imagery? Jelly Triangle can help! Whether you’re looking for dazzling custom graphics for your website and trade show display or interested in booking a consultation on how to use photos and graphics in your social media presence call us at (519) 624-8888 or send us a message!

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