Do your customers browse online but shop in store? Or do they browse in-store and shop online?

Yes. Yes, they do.

Consumers have entered a time in which they’re working hard to find a balance between embracing advances in technology and returning to homegrown basics in their everyday lives. They’re trying to discern whether it’s more important to spend time with their kids and pop a store-bought frozen lasagna in the oven or to take the time to provide their family with a meal made from ingredients they can pronounce. They’re weighing the pros and cons of a mobile plan with a ton of data vs. ditching social media altogether. Watercooler discussion involves recyclable materials vs. zero-waste living.

When it comes to shopping, there are indications that consumers once again place a high value on the ability to investigate a product in person. However! They have also become savvy at finding ways to get the best price. For your small business, this means that your in-store and online shopping experiences need to be flawless, and integrated.

Need Online Store FBOh, we know that you probably thought you should be pouring all of your resources into creating the perfect online shopping space! And, you do. In particular – we really can’t stress this enough – put efforts into a smooth mobile shopping experience. That’s from a phone or tablet. It’s worthwhile to check your website’s mobile capabilities out yourself every once in a while to make sure it’s all easy to use, especially if you notice a dip in your online sales.

Speaking of a dip in online sales; how does it compare to your in-store sales? What do those numbers look this year compared to last year? These statistics are related to each other: people are browsing online and shopping in person or browsing in person and shopping online. You can track this best through a loyalty program – the people love their points! Consumers are searching for the best quality product for their money, and the lowest price for shipping. If the difference is down to a few dollars, it’s likely that the deciding factors will be ease of purchase and customer service. Are they going to get a free sample with their purchase to make buying from you instead of an online retail giant justifiable? Because the big guys can offer free shipping when you can’t. Is your customer service prepared to take time to answer questions in detail and praise the purchase? Sometimes those big guys don’t extend that kind of service. What can you do to make shopping with your, either in-store or online, the favoured option?

When you aren’t sure what your customers are looking for in an ideal shopping experience, turn to social media. Although the platforms change, the need to look for reviews or ask for recommendations remains the same. What are people saying about your company and their experience shopping with you? What are they saying would make shopping easy, either with your business specifically or in general? Surf review websites, go back and read comments on your company social media. Find out what you’re missing and take steps to fill the gaps. Find out what you’re doing right, and go the extra mile.

Making changes to your online presence can take just as long as altering to your in-store experience. You need Jelly Triangle! Book a consultation and find out where your website needs help and how we can fix it.

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