Social media marketing is, at its heart, an experiment; but the one thing that marketing professionals can agree on is the consumer’s appreciation for brand transparency. That’s why photos on your company Instagram of your dog’s visit to the office, and posts about admitting failure get a lot of response. In being clear about your brand’s identity, you make it easy for customers to grant you their unwavering loyalty.

Ready to level-up? Extend that transparency throughout your company. We’re talking your dress code, your office, your transportation, your shipping, your processes; the works. Why? Because when you practice what you preach you influence those around you, and perhaps most importantly, you influence yourself. Instituting brand image throughout your business hours, whether that’s a home office or a factory, you fuel your own confidence in your own work, and your customers can see that they’re money is supporting a worthy business.

Not that we’re saying you fake it if you don’t dress the part, more like it’s easy to slip into bad habits or maintain the status quo when you’re stressed – and what SMB owner isn’t stressed?! Even though we love what we do, we’ve got a lot Transperancy Pup Office Visits FBon the go, so it’s easy to grab last night’s jacket, slip on some sneakers, or avoid researching innovative ways to handle your production in a way that better aligns to your mandate. Take a look right now at your wardrobe. Does it match your brand image? Think about it like this: if you go to the doctor, do you have more confidence in a doctor dressed in a button-down shirt or a dress versus sweat pants? It doesn’t matter that both are equally qualified to provide you with top notch care, your perception doesn’t immediately recognize that. Do you give your customers the impression that you are an industry professional? Unlike the doctor scenario, if a customer doesn’t feel confident that you’re right for the job, they can easily move on to the competition.

If you work in a manual labour industry, like landscaping, of course you need to wear appropriate attire to get the job done so that you aren’t ruining your dress shoes while you mow the lawn. But that doesn’t mean that your work clothes should look like they’re on their last threads, either. Likewise, if you’re meeting a client to provide a quote for lawn care, it’s not a bad idea to dress for a business meeting rather than pulling weeds. Customized tailoring can also take an outfit from casual to professional – got a pair of jeans with cuffs that drag? Have those hemmed and you’re back to business.

If you have to wear many hats throughout the day, keep a few items to change into at the office, like a pair of dress shoes and a clean jacket. And look beyond the clothes; if yours is an environmentally conscious organization, do you have recycling bins, and are there single-use water bottles hanging around? Take a look at your whole business from the eyes of potential customers and make sure that what they see instills confidence in you and your team’s professionalism as expected from your branding. You painstakingly chose a logo, a mandate, and a brand voice, maintain that enthusiasm throughout your work environment.

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