One of the top items on any intern’s To-Do List has got to be social media. Managers think: At last, we can have someone dedicated to this mess and the rest of us can get on with business! The catch is that the intern doesn’t understand the heart of your business, is only here for a few months, may not have a mature grasp of social media for business: and you just handed them the mic and pushed them centre stage of your marketing strategy.


So, don’t do it. Include interns in the social media content generation and posting for sure, they need the experience and you may glean excellent insight from their point of view, but you really need an insider dedicated to your social media.

And this includes your blog!

Your blog is the most important part of your social media marketing strategy. You can get away with minimal newsletters, you can dump Twitter and post only periodically on Facebook, but without your blog it’s difficult to derive unique content to drive traffic to your website. A blog provides online searchers with a reason to find your website. A blog gives the people following you on social media or signed up for your newsletter a reason to stay in touch (Please note: Outsourcing blogs social media FBblogs and e-newsletters are also part of social media, but we wanted to be very clear here). Your business blog answers questions customers didn’t even realize they had, provides handy tips and encouraging news from your industry, and reminds people why they support your business specifically.

You don’t just hand that off to a shiny new intern who’s going to be outta there as soon as they get really good at the job! But maybe you don’t have the resources to appoint someone on staff to blog on a regular basis. Now what?
One option is to share the workload: everyone on the team takes a turn writing a blog post. Give them a word count between 300 and 700 words, a topic, a few points to make or concept to get across, and let them have at it. Bonus: If everyone writes one NOW, then you can build a collection up in a relatively short period of time so that you don’t have to ask again for months. But don’t feel like that’s the only way to win.

Outsourcing your blog content may sound black hat, or a lot like handing the task off to the intern, but it’s a completely above-board and worthwhile commitment. But, we have to stress here that you hire a pro. A professional blogger will take time to get to know your business, the voice of your brand, and have a solid grasp of marketing writing. They become a part of your team, just an offsite one. Often times you need to provide only a blog topic, and they’ll take care of the rest. You may still need to format and post the blog yourself, but that’s a breeze compared to taking care of the writing and editing (although you can outsource that, too).

Do what you have to do to host a quality business blog! Jelly Triangle can help. Book your free consultation by calling (519) 624-8888.

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