You spend hours, days even, hunkered down at your desk examining websites to decide how best to direct your designer for optimum customer engagement. You’ve lost sleep over it, you’ve learned more jargon than you thought possible about a field you had no interest in until last week, and you’ve talked to everyone and anyone you’ve come in contact with to ask what they like and don’t like about websites.

And you still don’t know what to do next! Never fear, Jelly Triangle is here! These are some of the strongest features your website should include to attract the right audience.
Mobile Optimize! Before you choose a colour scheme or hire out for custom graphics, ensure that your website is clearly and easily accessible from any mobile device. Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, and any other technology that is WiFi or Data capable as they become available to the public. You don’t need the results of a survey to know the numbers: how many people do YOU know that wait until they get to a computer to search for something online? Two? Jelly Triangle includes mobile optimization in ALL of our website design, but not all designers do so ensure it’s on your list. We live in a time where no one has any extra to spare, so if they can’t instantly access your website at their earliest convenience, you’ve lost a sale.

Buy local, domestic, organic, BPA-free, use green shipping methods, provide exceptional customer service…there’s some feature or vendor that your company could (or already does) lonely website FBemploy that may secure your customer’s loyalty, but you have to know what that is. No one knows your customers as well as you do, so put that information to work. Introduce this no-longer-a-secret ingredient in your processes, and then advertise this fantastic news in the top third of your homepage. Drop it into your email signature, too!

Be visible. Your customers have to be able to find your website on the World Wide Web, and whether you choose blue or green as your main design colour won’t make a difference. A blog is the easiest way to be seen because your blog topics will answer questions that your ideal customers will be asking their favourite online search engine. Use other forms of social media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin) to inform, entertain, and advertise. Be sure that a link or the address to your website is handily found in your various profiles (e.g. Facebook, Instagram…). Last, but certainly not least, make sure your website plays by the rules as outlined by each search engine and social media platform.

And accessible. Humans come with all sorts of superpowers, so ensure that your website can be easily navigated by all of them. There are design features that will make it more inviting for those with visual or mobile impairments; talk to your website designer to ensure these features are included in your website. Provide transcription or captions for your videos, and always fill out alt text fields when you’re uploading new content on to your website.

Worried that your website might be lacking in customer appeal? Schedule some Website TLC with Jelly Triangle! For more information email or call today at (519) 624-8888.

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