Designing the perfect business card is an art. Your perfect business card is stylish, memorable, succinct, and easily read at a glance.

Start your design by nailing down the information you need to present:

  • Company Name
  • Logo
  • Your Name + Title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website

While your business card is a card of few words, those words need to be impactful. This comes through style, placement, and wording.

Company Name should be the biggest deal on the whole card. Make it loud and clear.

Business Card FBCompany Logo isn’t easily searchable online, so give it a supporting rather than starring role in your design.

Pro Tip: Put the company name and logo on one side of your business card. On the other:

Your Name and Title are important but less important than the company name. Include your educational degrees only if they are necessary for your job. Like, if you’re a medical doctor, include your degree, but if you’re a spin doctor probably not.

Phone Number + Email Address are really all you need unless you run a brick-and-mortar location that you want clients to visit, like a store, in which case add your location.

Website can be shortened, e.g. Skip social media handles unless you enthusiastically post and interact with your followers, otherwise, interested parties can find those via your website.

And that’s it, your word count is allotted!

Make the design of your card memorable with professional graphic design and layout, bold colour choices, and stand-out features. For example you can choose a heavier weighted paper to have them printed on, go glossy or matte – just beware of fingerprints! Maybe you’ll choose plastic, or add spot colour, or a splash of metallic gold (which is a fine example of spot colour). Make yours a magnet if you provide an on-demand service such as repairs or food. For the eco-conscientious, you can also have cards made with recycled materials. If you’re tempted to choose an unusual size, just be sure it will fit comfortably in your pocket or wallet, or else you can bet your intended target will either lose or throw out your card ASAP.

Above all else, your font has to be perfectly legible at a glance. To test your design, have a colleague glance at it and tell them what you remember before you submit for printing.

Finally, proofread, then proofread, ask someone else to proofread, and proofread your card again before you print, and again before you hand out the first one. Read each and every word carefully, and each and every phone number digit, URL letter, and email address all the way through to .com to ensure that everything is correct.

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