Recon work in business is necessary. If you don’t know what your competition is doing, if you don’t know where trends are heading, your business is going to fall behind and eventually out of play. But when you take a look around and see all of the bright, shiny, pro-quality videos posted by the competition you may start to stress.

Your SMB can’t possibly play in that game, right? Thanks to technology advancements, not only can you add video to your marketing strategy, you’re probably sitting on the means with which to produce and upload content right now.

Adding instructional and tutorial videos, product demonstrations, or informational/entertaining behind-the-scenes video has never been easier. Got a smartphone? How about a digital camera? Internet connection? Social media account like Facebook or Instagram or Twitter that supports video content? Check! Check! Check! Good to go.

video marketing FBFigure out how to use the video function on your camera – either the digital or your smartphone. If you’re using a digital camera you will need to know how to transfer the video to a computer (you’ll need a cable, if you can’t find the original check a thrift store). Once you’ve got that on, record something! Record your workspace and narrate what’s on screen, or have a colleague talk about one of your products – or their dog, whatever! Just film something for the sake of trying it out.

Review your video. What do you like about it? What could you change? Things to be aware of are logos of other brands, either on clothing or artwork, etc. Maybe you don’t want to give them a free shout-out. But maybe you do! Make sure there’s nothing confidential to be seen or heard. Get permission to film from everyone who will appear onscreen. Ensure that the volume is loud and clear. Get a bit fancy with filming up close, or from different angles. Watch some social media videos by companies you respect to see how they frame the shot.

Legalities are always a concern. Make sure you have permission to use whatever you plan to film, particularly if you’re offsite, and always review the terms and code of conduct of the platform you plan to upload your video to.

Customers love honesty in marketing, so don’t be worried about minor accidents that happen while filming. Mispronounced a word? Just make the correction as if you’re having a conversation in real time and keep going. You can record as many takes as you like, but you’ve got other things to do, so be picky about the big things. Don’t try to look like a professional actor, just look like professional you. That person customers experience in your shop or in a meeting? That’s who they should see on camera.

Once you’re happy with your video, you’re ready to upload it to your social media, just the same as you would a photo or text post. Pay attention to how your customers interact with your video, and use that information going forward as you create new content. Just the same as all of your social media content.

Jelly Triangle can help you plan your digital marketing strategy. Book a free consultation to talk about graphic design, newsletters, social media posts and more by calling 519-624-8888.


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