Social responsibility has always been integrated with business, and thanks to the reach provided by social media, small businesses have just as much right to get involved and help change the world as massive corporations. Maybe you can’t sponsor a tuition program or organize the build of an entire neighbourhood, but your business can still step up and take care of customers as well as your community.

Exciting, right? But you may be wondering why you would get your business involved with local charities and community organizations when you’re currently working at full speed to keep up with orders and attract new business. The answer is right there! In addition to doing a little more to help someone, your involvement can have a ripple effect that will boost your production and meet new clients. Here are our favourite reasons to get your business involved in the community:

Fuel Drive and Passion for the Job:

You may recall that we talked about the importance of employee happiness in a previous post. Giving back to the community is a great way to endear your employees to the job. Millennials in particular view Support charity benefitschanging the world, in any manner, a measure of success. When your team feels like they’re accomplishing great work and saving the world, you can move mountains…of orders! Jelly Triangle has been a long-time supporter of the YWCA Cambridge event Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.

Boost Advertising and Networking:

Customers and corporate partners are likely to view your commitment to social responsibility as a plus because you demonstrate that you are working for more than money, but that you’re also able to manage your time and the money you make when you sponsor a team in a walk-a-thon or donate raffle prizes for a fundraiser. With your name on those donations and sponsorships you also have the opportunity to reach customers and partners that you may otherwise miss, but who will feel an instant connection with your business seeing as you support the same cause.

Support Creative Problem Solving:

When you get your team and business out into the world beyond HQ, you are treated to a plethora of world experiences that may influence decisions you make in your own processes and procedures. Remember that a lot of people spend the bulk of their time at work. You’re not responsible for their worldly education, but providing opportunity to do good may be for the benefit of more than just your chosen charity.

Most importantly, in supporting your local charities and organizations you support the community and local economy for the betterment of your business, your family, and your employees’ families. We recommend that you set an amount to donate as part of your annual marketing plan, as well as actively look into organizations to support, so that you aren’t stretched beyond your means. Get your team involved by asking them for recommendations or causes that are dear to them.

Would you like some help spotlighting your charitable activities through social media or online search? Jelly Triangle can help! Book your free consultation by calling 519-624-8888 today!

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