In business, we know that slow and steady wins the race, but you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some quick-fix strategies you can implement to help you through a sales slump. The only caution we raise is that you be sure you can keep up with an increase in orders and services! Here are our top tips to boost sales.

#1: Purchase Online Advertising

Implementing a solid Google AdWords or Facebook Sponsored Post campaign might take you a few days to get going, but once you’re ready to launch you really just get to sit back and keep an eye on the analytics. If you’ve had successful campaigns, borrow from those and get back into the public eye ASAP. If you’ve never run one before beware that there might be a learning curve as you figure out exactly what language and images your ideal customer is attracted to. The best part? You control how much or little you spend making online advertising campaigns customizable for every marketing budget. Not sure how to make the most of your online ad campaign? Jelly Triangle can help!

#2: Upsell

Upselling doesn’t have to be shoved in the face of the customer with flashing lights; it’s as simple as making a recommendation. If you’ve got an online store, set up a plug-in to point out items that are commonly Boosting salespurchased together, or to highlight a specific product or service. If you’re selling fact-to-face it’s not considered aggressive to casually ask, “Have you heard about our XYZ product/service?” at the end of the conversation. Coffee shops and mechanics upsell because it works. If you’re feeling squirmy, rest assured that you can tailor the approach to best reflect your brand.

#3 Remind customers that you’re here for them

We’re bombarded with information as a society which is why you have to remain in plain sight in order to stay relevant. Get out there either literally or digitally and remind your customers that you exist! It could be as simple as sending an e-newsletter or picking up the phone and making some calls to find out how customers have been enjoying your products and services. No need to run a promotion, you can just say hi! While you’ve got their attention, remind them of what else you have in store.

If you’ve got a little more time to play with, you can look ahead and book a booth at a convention or trade show, brush up your marketing skills by attending a workshop, and set up a referral bonus for existing customers.

Did you notice what we didn’t recommend?

#4 Avoid getting caught in a discount cycle

Offering promotions regularly trains customers to wait for them, which devalues your products or services. When you do offer promotions do so sparingly and change them up so that customers aren’t trained to know that every March Break you’re going to run a deal on free shipping. Craft your promotions to boost sales to lesser-purchased products or services, or flash sales/time-limited trial runs on things that customers might want to try but haven’t yet.

Jelly Triangle can help you strategize solid marketing campaign management in a variety of ways for all budgets. Check out Jelly Squares to start! Call us at 519-624-8888 to book your commitment-free conversation.

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