If you’re reading this you’ve at the very least thought about rebranding your business. And your thought process probably went a lot like this:

Week 1: ‘I should rebrand the company. As it is, the brand doesn’t reflect the experience.’

Week 5: ‘Wow, rebranding is intense! I’d have to change everything! My website, my letterhead, gah! My logo! How would I even do that? We can’t do that!’

Month 6: ‘But I waaaaaaant to. I hate our logo. Our tagline doesn’t fit anymore. We’re attracting the wrong customers.’

A year later: ‘I just don’t have time to rebrand. Maybe next year.’

We hear you. Rebranding is daunting, expensive, and stressful. It’s also rewarding, invigorating, refreshing, and satisfying. Done right, rebranding both attracts the right customers and gives you room to expand your products and Rebrandingservices. It wouldn’t be a good fit if Custom Cookie Cutters suddenly started selling cupcake pans. However, if a company called Customized Baking Supplies could do it all!

Best of all, rebranding could make you happy to get up and go to work in the morning. As a company with personal rebranding experience, here are our top tips.

Why are you rebranding?

Of course, there’s risk in the rebrand. Minimize that with due diligence and market research. You need a mission statement to keep you on message throughout your rebranding adventure – it’s going to get messy, you want a reference point. Your mission statement doesn’t have to be a compact message of hope, it can be a check list of things you want to avoid, or a new branch of business you want to go after. Maybe you’ve fallen behind in the times and competitors are thriving. Talk to your mentors, have a company brainstorm session, and set up consultations with marketing professionals like Jelly Triangle to refine your vision and provide your team with clear direction at every step.

What’s In A Name?

You don’t have to rename your business, but you can. Granted, there’s going to be a lot of paperwork with your banks, the government, and more, but the effort could be worthwhile. Does your name reflect your core business? Do your customers “get it”? How do you know? Ask! Poll customers, ask friends and family for feedback on your current company name, logo, colours, and overall brand personality to get quality feedback. If you collect anonymous feedback include some questions to identify what type of shoppers are replying. Are the people who like everything just the way it is your core clientele? If they are, rebrand with them in mind. If not, you’ve got more research to do.

Rebrand Your Processes:

Beauty is more than skin deep! Now is a great time to incorporate automation to your internal processes and free your employees up to take on tasks that need a personalized touch. It’s especially wise to revamp your processes if you’re planning to add more or different services. Maybe you’ve become too automated and what your customers crave is to have a real life human answer the phone! Be sure that your business from the outside in reflects your mission, and your customer needs. No better time to shake things up when they’re already stirred.

Before you undergo rebranding, talk to someone who has done it before. Like Jelly Triangle! Not only can we help you with your rebrand, we’ve done it ourselves and we can provide insider advice on the pros and cons of everything from a name change to altered processes and new roles for employees. Call us for more information at 519-624-8888.

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