Predicting The Next Big Thing in ecommerce is near impossible, but that won’t stop us from trying! With customers who don’t know what they want it’s often your job to tell them what they want, and it’s easy to freeze in the face of frustrating guessing games and marketing budget terror. Here’s a list of hot trends in ecommerce that are happening now you might want to consider jumping on.

Subscription Boxes:

These are so hot they’re practically trailing sparks in their wake as they streak across the Internet. If you use Facebook or Google and have ever researched anything, you’ve seen an ad for a subscription box. The trend got going about 3 years ago and now subscription box success is a perfected art form. The key to repeat customers with subscription boxes is to know your audience, meaning flourishing companies have bonded with their subscribers. It’s the dream! You could reach new customers if you participate in a company’s monthly box, but do your research beforehand to make sure it’s worth the cost. Ask for the company’s ROI data, and contact companies similar to yours (at on line shopping2least in size and reach) to get their opinion on the experience. Not sure your products fit? Trust us, there’s a box for that. Take a look at Loot Crate, Tea Runners, The Roasters Pack and Meowbox for examples of what’s out there.

Light Speed Online Shopping Experience:

Online shoppers have renewed their romance with social engagement, (or at least with sharing cat memes), but they have even less time for online shopping itself. Simplified online stores, increased mobile payment options, and enhanced mobile experience are all the rage. The people want to pay their bills, shop for groceries, and order a pizza on their lunch break and still expect to have most of their lunch break available to crush candies. Sometimes all it takes it re-organizing your menu options and making sure that your search feature is strong. Review your checkout experience to ensure a smooth, quick transaction process. Not sure how to proceed? Put your social media channels to work and ask your customers for advice, they’ll tell you exactly where they get stuck.

The In-Store Online Shopping Experience:

Appealing to the ideal customer service experience for every one of your customers is tricky, but it’s not impossible. Brick-and-mortar stores have gone so far as to provide self-checkout options for those who would rather not talk to an associate and take care of scanning and bagging everything themselves, while also offering online shopping with in-person pick-ups delivered directly to your car for ultimate convenience. Likewise, online retailers are cashing in on their customer data goldmine by personalizing the online shopping experience as though online shoppers were in the brick-and-mortar store. If your customers sign into their account on your website it’s a simple thing to offer customized recommendations based on their previous behaviours on your site. If they don’t sign in, your website’s response can still be programmed to offer advertising and support based on the customer’s location, as well as their behaviour. For example, the website could show items other people from Toronto, Ontario shoppers have viewed this weekend. An online chat feature is a simple way to offer real-time support – trust us, we have one ourselves!

Jelly Triangle Marketing Marvels can help you develop a strategy to keep your online shopping experience current. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your current online customer service with a no-obligation conversation by calling (519) 624-8888.


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