We can’t believe the #lovelocal interview series is over! It’s been so enlightening to sit down with these local companies or charities that are not only outstanding in their own marketing, but are also helping to put Cambridge on the map. It’s given me insight into the heart behind businesses I already knew and loved, and an incentive to support those I was entering for the first time: I hope they’ve done the same for you!

Here are a few of my favourite lessons offered up by each of the interviewees:

Moksha Yoga Cambridge

cambridge bridge“Don’t forget to look up: from the paperwork, from the budgets, and actually see the people coming in the doors, who you’re helping. Don’t get stuck in the forest, and forget to see all those beautiful trees.”  
-Christine Grant, owner

“Marketing, franchising... it shouldn’t feel bad, as long as it’s authentic.” 
–Emily Dwornikiewicz, owner

E-Bolt Music

“The slogan of the business is Share Music, Share Life. For me, it’s been just as true in business as in song writing: a piece of music doesn’t feel complete until it’s shared. You can’t tell if it’s the way you want until you try to convey it to someone else. In those connections… that’s when you go through the real discovering of who you are.”
–Eric Bolton, owner


“[The business] has changed so much since [moving from England]... then, it was more about money and establishing my reputation. Now, it’s about building relationships and a stronger community for my boys to grow up in... I always recommend local-based business [for that reason]: If the money stays in the community, it keeps everyone employed, and businesses and families strong.”
–Bhupi Rajput, owner

The Loose Grape

(on why they source ingredients locally):“First and foremost, it’s definitely taste. Craft brews, for example, just taste better. But there’s also a great diversity of choices in this region for food and drink... the flour is from P&H Milling right down the street! Their employees can come in and help themselves by buying from us. It’s a cycle where we can help each other’s business to thrive… and helps us be integrated into the community, too."
–Robert Johnson, owner

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Waterloo Region

(on building agency wide engagement and connection): “You have to make sure you aren’t creating silos, as the needs of a client might cross over. Our volunteers and participants are some of our best ambassadors. They might know someone that could become our next volunteer, or could connect us with the right person in a company we wouldn’t otherwise be able to connect with.” 
–Jessica Sproat Communications and Marketing Coordinator BBBSWR

(on building a strong stewardship program): “It has to be the right fit for both of us. We make sure sponsors understand they’re investing in people in their community, so they feel more connected. It’s a partnership, and there’s shared value in that.”
– Mallory Boyer, Resource Development Manager BBBSWR

United Way Cambridge

(on maximizing resources when you’re money strapped): “If [learning] isn’t available internally, seek out formal training from sources that understand the realities [that you are]  working within... Ones that understand that you are time and money strapped, and are able to give you hands-on and actionable resources.”
– Suhanya Ketheeswaran, Community Engagement and Marketing Specialist

The Hub Bicycle Shop

(on why your social media channels deserve your attention): “There are a lot of benefits: immediate interaction with our current and potential clients for one. In the bigger box stores, the owner is usually removed from the business. [Through social], I can make a direct connection, give a sense of entertainment... reach out on a personal level. People can relate to that. I think that adds a sense of security for them: I’m here in the business every day, here to help out.”
–Cliff Vanclief, owner

Monigram Coffee Roasters

(on risk and business failure): “If you’re coming to a problem over and over, it just means you haven’t found the solution yet... What’s the worst that can happen to us, here in Canada? Maybe the business doesn’t do as well as we hoped. So maybe we lose the house. If at the end of the day we still have a great family, and the stable support of each other. Even if we’re negatively impacted in the business somehow, all the important things are still true.”
– Graham Braun, owner

Thank YOU for reading, and your interest in all these wonderful Cambridge based businesses!


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