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The short of it is that your brand is the identity of your company. The long of it, branding, is what inspires loyalty in your customers, thus, the longevity of your business. Here’s how.

If Jelly Triangle is a marketing and web design company (which it is, just to confirm), then the brand is our name and mandate: “No contracts. No fees. No bull.” Right away you can see that we’re a bit playful, very personable, and serious about taking care of our customers. We took the brand concept and enveloped our website in our branding. Our logo is a good place to start the examination. A designer triangle with attractive colours that don’t overwhelm, it’s easy to recognize. Elsewhere on the website you can see the playful and personable with vector drawings and headlines. Our caring nature shines through with the plain language and direct information about our services.

Branding continues on our social media feeds, but here we also have to adhere to the rules and rigidity of each platform. Facebook posts are longer, but we take advantage of the opportunity to post about other local business, events, and our clients to support our economic and geographical community. On Twitter we do the same but with that 140 character cap in place. Talk about succinct! Instagram is image-centric and so not all of our posts on Facebook and Twitter are translatable, which means more tweaking. Linkedin has a business-savvy tone overall as a platform, whereas the others are more open to play, but our clients are entrepreneurs so the tone of our posts still fits in with the expectations of Linkedin newsfeeds across the board.

IS YOUR COMPANY BRANDING WORKING FOR YOUR BUSINESS fbWhen we extend our branding to merchandise we tend to pick useful items that either aren’t overdone or designed in such a way that they aren’t boring. For example, we’ve had pens with maze games in the handle, elegantly-shaped mugs, and gym bags.

Our branding is reflected in our personal communications as well. Whether you’re speaking with a team member via social media, email, phone, or in-person, you’ll find that everyone embodies the Jelly Triangle mandate of playful, personable, and serious about taking care of our customers. Insider information: it’s the same tone we use to communicate with each other, too.

The key to successful branding is to stand out, be memorable, and reflective of your company’s output. It wouldn’t be appropriate for a funeral home to be playful, but they can be nurturing and attentive to the needs of their clients. A toy store could be extremely playful but has to remember that it needs to attract parents and grandparents as much as it does the kids. The personality you present to the world as a company is equally as important as the products and services you produce. Your branding is your front line in marketing. If you find that your current branding isn’t attracting your ideal clientele, it’s time for an overhaul. But if your branding is attracting your ideal clientele, it’s a great idea to expand your reach whether it’s with fresh social media content, adding a platform that isn’t currently in your social media strategy, ordering some new branded merchandise, or holding a contest to revitalize interest and encourage word of mouth advertising.

Thinking of rebranding but feeling overwhelmed? Contact Jelly Triangle for a consultation on everything from a refreshed logo and mandate to brand new website. Call 519-624-8888 to book an appointment.

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