We're a fun-loving group of zany creative-types with memorable personalities. Take a look!

Sanjeev "Sanj" Rajput

Sanj Rajput is a creative vigilante, with a work background as colourful as his personality. With an ability to thrive in two worlds, the technical and the artistic, Sanj is equally comfortable painting water colours as he is troubleshooting website code. After many successful years and clients with his web design business, The Marketing Multi-tool, Sanj decided to launch Jelly Triangle. He found he had a knack for helping small business owners navigate the treacherous realm of Internet marketing where there are no regulations, no rules, and no governing bodies to protect your money. Jelly Triangle also gave Sanj an outlet for his God-given passion to help others, a place to focus his love for local community. Now, Sanj inspires his crack team of marketing ninjas to do the same, and spends his days making things and building relationships that he’s really proud of. Yay!

Bhupi Rajput

Bhupi is a wife, mum, daughter, sister, and entrepreneur. Born in East Africa and raised in London, England, Bhupi is a world traveller who loves her Indian culture. She learned the art of henna while backpacking in India, and uses pop culture and her travels as artistic inspiration for creating original designs. Bhupi has a career background that’s as colourful as her world travels. She’s worked in more industries than we can count including business, pharmaceuticals, real estate, research and consulting, and of course, marketing. These days, Bhupi runs the office and holds down the fort at the Jelly Triangle while she runs her henna business, Henna4You. She also takes care of her two boys. She volunteers and donates her time to a number of local causes, all of which have impacted her life in some way. Around our office, she’s known affectionately as “The Naggin’ Dragon.”

Catherine Muss

Catherine Muss is a professional freelance writer equipped with a Bachelor of Journalism from Ryerson University and a decade of experience writing for corporate communications. For 10 years, she sat at keyboards around Waterloo Region writing website content, blog posts, product information sheets, instructional booklets, and client correspondence galore. Currently, she’s parked at home with her cat, drinking large quantities of tea while puzzling out ways to make clients’ content share-worthy on social media. She loves the words audacity, vapid, brilliant, and revolting, but loathes game changer, nice, nope, and actually. Catherine is a word nerd.

Chris Smith

Chris is the Designer at Jelly Triangle and creates the beautiful digital & print work that have made our clients so happy they chose us. Trained in Fine Arts (Studio Art) at the University of Waterloo, Chris is a talented artist, who also practices at his home studio, specializing in intricate line drawings, landscape painting, and abstract photography. When he isn't make masterpieces for our clients, his strong English roots have made him a zealous Football fan (Leicester City) who even plays locally! His other passion is homebrewing, which makes him a tiny bit of a craft beer snob. But we're okay with that because he's quite down-to-earth and always willing to share.

Janet Jones

Janet is the Optimization Specialist at Jelly Triangle, and her role encompasses everything from administrative work around the office to SEO work for our clients. She earned her B.A. in Philosophy from Wilfrid Laurier University, which totally makes sense as to why she’s got the skill set to do a heck of a lot but not one thing in particular. She’s also incredibly organized, and enjoys making things more efficient and understandable for everyone. When she’s not at the office, she likes to volunteer with advocacy groups for the homeless, run for ridiculously long periods of time, and engage people in long and heated philosophical discussions. Janet does have bibliophilic tendencies though and has been known, on some occasions, to be a grammar nazi.

Grace Hefley

As the Opportunity Ambassador at Jelly Triangle, Grace Hefley, quite simply, makes opportunities happen! She meets with members of the community and develops relationships for collaborative growth. With her Bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Guelph, she’s a real pro at it – she’s a great listener and an expert when it comes to problem-solving & strategizing. It’s no wonder, then, that Grace is committed to issues related to feminism and equality. She’s got compassion to spare, which helps ensure that the relationships built by Jelly Triangle are always fair and honest. And if you think you've seen her around, you might have! Grace is a nationally ranked competitive synchronized skater and a sports fanatic with a slight, what she calls ‘healthy’, obsession for the Toronto Blue Jays. She’s also struggled with her hangriness – but, no need to worry, she promises she will never resort to cannibalism.

Robyn Burley

Robyn Burley is not your ordinary muggle. As our Digital Marketing Strategist, she uses her magical social media and customer research abilities to make our clients sparkle and GROW online. Robyn just completed a graduate certificate in Digital Marketing and E-commerce Design from Wilfrid Laurier University and received training from digital influencers like Hubspot and Shopify. She is also a wizard when it comes to Videography and Photography and knows how to make your business shine through engaging and professional captures. Although she loves reading fiction, playing games, and attending social events, her real passion is to make a positive impact in our community by helping people achieve their online goals! She also has a passion for all things Harry Potter- saw that coming, right?

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