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So, you're a Jelly Triangle client and you think that makes you something special right? Well, it does. You're part of a family of smart, savy businesses that know that your online presence is a huge part of your overall business. The Client Lounge is going to be loaded with items to help you get the most of your web site; including How-To videos and VIP access to our client support system.

Remote Support or Online Meetings

Jelly Triangle clients can connect with us using Zoho Meeting. We can share our computer screen with you, or if you need help you can share your screen with us. The software is 100% safe and we cannot connect to your computer without you entering a meeting code. If you have a meeting code, please enter it in the box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I use Internet Explorer 8 or older?

Older browsers make your computer (and our websites) vulnerable to online threats. Especially once the company stops supporting the older browser and therefor stop issuing security patches. As of May 2014, Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows XP machines and Internet Explorer 8.

From their website "Internet Explorer 8 is also no longer supported, so if your Windows XP PC is connected to the Internetand you use Internet Explorer 8 to surf the web, you might be exposing your PC to additional threats. Also, as more software and hardware manufacturers continue to optimize for more recent versions of Windows, you can expect to encounter more apps and devices that do not work with Windows XP (Internet Explorer 8)."

Use one of the following links to download the latest version of your favourite browser:


Why We're Special

Jelly Triangle is known for:

  • Our Creativity
  • Being Trendy
  • Friendly Service
  • Being Reliable
  • Our Efficiency
  • Being Cost Effective
  • Providing Great Value
  • Our Experience
  • Being Helpful
  • Our User Friendly Designs
  • Providing flexible Billing
  • Our Technical Expertise
  • Providing Expert Advice
  • Our Honesty
  • Being Respectful


So Many Happy Clients

For us, this is what it's all about. We're not in it for the $$, we're in it for the LOVE.

client love icon

I love the work you have done here thanks!... Again super job. Love it and the content you have added. Great job!

Mike R. - UK2Canada Pension Transfers

!!!!!!!!! ***JUMPING UP AND DOWN IN EXCITEMENT!!!********* I love it!! I really love the little home button! I love the scratchy edges! I really like the blue background...I am super excited Sanj!!! You have a gift!

Laura R. - Laura Robinson RMT

"We feel that we now have a professional and rebranded image online that serves as an invaluable tool. Sanjeev was always responsive to our questions and needs as he worked through the process. He was delightful, conscientious and committed and always patient in explaining some of the technical background as he worked with us."

Jacqui Gardener, Oakville Meals on Wheels

"Jelly Triangle created a page that far surpassed my expectations. The options he created to make online giving easier helped us to increase our fundraising by 78% (from 2012), and our website was a key factor in our winning a Cambridge and North Dumfries award for Best PR & Marketing Campaign!"

Megan Lambe, YWCA Cambridge

And There's More

We don't do it for the glamour, but every now and then we get some recognition...

jellytriangle web design customer service award Exceptional Customer Service Award
jellytriangle web design PR Marketing award Best PR & Marketing Campaign 2013
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